KNY Customer testimonials

Onyria Boutique Hotel  - Pesach 2023

Charlotte Goller - Jerusalem

We spent the 2023 Pesach Holiday with you at Onyria Boutique Hotel, Cascais, Portugal.   We had such a wonderful time there!  The hotel, our room, the food, and the pleasant staff were superior.  We had a beautiful view over the golf course, and such a large and excellent suite.  The other guests were an international mix of exceedingly friendly people, and I hope to see some of them when they visit Israel (where we live). The gourmet kosher food and the large selection of kosher wines always available were quite a treat!  This holiday in Cascais cured us of our Covid blues!  We are telling everyone what a wonderful time we had there.
Best regards,
Charlotte and Gil Goller

Pine Cliffs - Pesach 2023

Felix and Barbara Amar - New York

April 21, 2023
To whom it may concern,
My husband and I spent two weeks at a Passover program in Faro Portugal, run by KNY and supervised by Rebecca Charbit Buff. Ms. Buff organized and ran an outstanding program. She thought of every last detail that was needed to please her clientele. 
The site itself was spectacular and carefully chosen to meet everyone’s needs. The staff was exceptionally trained to make the guests feel like kings and queens. Dining room service was efficient, friendly and catered to all individual needs, such as vegan, gluten-free and a host of various allergies and preferences. The food was expertly prepared, varied, either plated beautifully or arranged in an elegant buffet setting.

 A schedule was distributed to each guest outlining times and locations of various activities. Ms. Buff constantly circulated among the guests to assure that everything was meeting their expectations. 
Our congratulations to Ms Buff on an excellent job. We highly recommend her programs to all who are interested in an outstanding experience. 
Barbara and Felix Amar 

Sylvia Wolfson - Canada

Dear M. Charbit, 
What an incredible Pesach we spent at the Pine Cliffs! The cuisine was outstanding. The wine selection, in particular, was impressive.  All of the hotel staff were most efficient and well organized. We enjoyed the davening with Rabbi Pollack. Of course the beautiful location and fine weather contributed to our excellent stay. Thanks again to  both you and Rebecca for always delivering an outstanding programme. 

The Wolfsons

Hilton - Pesach 2017

Marcel Wikler - London

On behalf of all 23 of us, I thank you for hosting us (again) at the Vilamoura Hilton this past Pesach. We had a marvellous time !!
Of course, the weather was extremely co-operative but aside that, the atmosphere, service and care your staff provided was absolutely perfect. All of you provided a relaxed, well organised, family holiday.
We realised that you had made some improvements and thank you for listening to your guests and acting upon their suggestions.
Special thanks to Dominique and Arthur who were available day and night as well as to Rabbi Michael Pollak who made sure that all halachic issues were adhered to at the highest standard and also entertained us with his illuminating lectures.
May we only meet at Semachot !!

Many thanks

Messod Massias & family - Gibraltar

Dear Monsieur Maurice,
just a few words to let you know how much my family and I enjoyed such a wonderfully organised Pesah 2017 the drinks,food and desserts were all first class and so was the hotel and the service provided by all the staff.
We look forward, please G-D, to booking with you for Pesah 2018.
Kind regards.

Martinhal - Pesach 2017

David Pine - London, ENGLAND

Dear Maurice,
I just wanted to thank you most sincerely for a very enjoyable Pessach in Portugal, and hopefully we shall see each other again next year.
As always your standards were high and the whole family enjoyed their stay, which augurs well for the future.
Kind regards and chag sameach.

Zev Blumenfrucht - New York, USA

Thank you for a very nice chag.
We had a great time.
Wishing you all the best and hazlacha raba.

Anne and Jerry Tollinsky - Thornhill ,CANADA

Cher Maurice,
Merci beaucoup pour tous que vous avez organize pour nous presenter un Pessah merveilluse. So much for my francais!!

Anne and I want to express our appreciation to you for all of your hard work in organizing a beautiful Pesach holiday in Cascais. We are happy that Pesach only last eight days - but with you leading a very wonderful team it could last for double that. The Martinhal is a great location. The food was outstanding throughout. The hospitality of the staff, all the staff, was outstanding. Thank you for everything. We wish you a good year with good health for you and your family and may you continue to do great things for the Jewish people.
Kol Hakavod to you.

Daliah Meschlowitch

We all had SUCH a great time !!
Thanks so so much !!!!
David daliah josh yael dan and max

Pine Cliffs Ocean Suites - Pesach 2017

Susan and Jack Alpert - Teaneck, NJ, USA

Rebecca and Maurice, Kudos and yasher koach on an outstanding Pesach program! From beginning to end, the stay at the Pine Cliffs was truly a 5 star experience. Having to option to reserve at an outstanding and beautiful hotel with a smaller program is exactly what we had wanted. Pine Cliffs is a magnificent hotel with an attentive, gracious and experienced staff; we could have said"Dayenu." But Rebecca and her staff took this to another level of expertise and refinement. The food was delicious and beautifully presented. We were thrilled with the a la carte menu service for it afforded us the option of choosing our preference for vegetarian and fish meals. As an event planner, I notice the"small details" and, as I mentioned to Rebecca, it was lovely to see different table flower arrangements for dinner, lunch, breakfast. Walking into dinner or lunch to be greeted by waiters holding trays of sherry for one meal and sangria at another was delightful. A coffee and liquor bar with service and attentive staff who served guests outside on the patio as well as within the bar area added to the wonderful ambience. These may be small details, but they demonstrate the level of excellence this program strove for and reached.
Lastly, we were thrilled to be seated with a very interesting and warm group of people who we now call friends.
We have been traveling for Pesach for many years and have been to premier programs in the US, Mexico, Europe and Israel, but KNY's program exceeded them all. This thought was echoed by anyone we spoke to who had been on a KNY program this year, either Pine Cliffs or Cascais: best Pessach ever!
Our one complaint? KNY should do Succot also !
Thank you

Kayla and Selwyn Binstock - London

Dear Maurice,
Selwyn and I just wanted to thank you and Rebecca for a fantastic Pesach.
Wonderful company amazing room with stunning view in the evenings and wonderful grounds.
The staff at the hotel we helpful beyond the call of duty we loved every minute of our stay.
We would like to reserve the same room for next Pesach please G-d room os307b. We hope to see you all again.
Best wishes

Jason, Gemma, Jake and Alissa

Hi Maurice
I'm Val's son Jason (Pine Cliffs)
Firstly thank you for making the most amazing experience for us all - one we won't forget!
I work in events and I know that you didn't miss anything out which takes a lot of work and careful planning and thought.
We had a tremendous time.
Feel free use this as a testimonial if you should ever need.
Many thanks once again and well done

Val Silver - UK

Dear Maurice

We just want to thank you for the most wonderful Pesach ever!! We had the best possible time with all the family where every little whim was catered for!! 
There was nothing we could fault - the staff were so considerate, friendly and could not do enough for us. 
The whole venue was superb, so much space, even a fabulous play area for the children, beautiful beach, amazing suites and the swimming pools were just fantastic. 
Every time we sat down to a meal, it was like we were attending a very special function. 
The wine tasting evening and the barbecues particularly stood out. 
The choice of foods and presentation, the service, were all first class and the very personal touch of the matzah covers was the icing on the cake!!
It was such a pleasure to meet you and have time for a chat. I can assure you, for our whole family, it was a Pesach we will never forget.
Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.
Very kindest regards and the best of luck for your next venture in the summer!

2016, 2015 programs...

Saul R STROMER and Family - New York

Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful Pesach experience !!!
Looking forward to something exciting next year.

Mme Myriam LUFTIG - London

Hi Maurice
On behalf of my family and myself i would like to thank you for a wonderful Pesach in Cascais.
It was amazing and far better than my expectations.
We all enjoyed it immensely
Thanks again
Kind regards

JONATHAN Family - London

Dear Maurice
Once again you have excelled yourself. We had an amazing time in Cascais over Pesach.
I wanted to thank you for helping us out with a private room whilst Abe was unwell (he is now much better) and for helping to make Poppy’s birthday special. She had a lovely day.
On a personal note I would like to thank you for allowing me to be Shaliach Tzibur during Chol Hamoed.
We look forward to hearing what you are planning in the summer and for next year.
Best regards

Edith OLANOFF- New York

Dear Maurice,
I have returned home from one of the most splendid, luxurious and meaningful Pesach's that I have ever had. Not only were the accommodations at the Four Seasons in Florence spectacular, but your daily, consistently exquisite and delicious meals far surpassed any of the finest restaurants that I have ever dined in around the world - and on Pesach yet! 

Your provisions for Tefilot, Shiurim and the extra curricular activities made my spirit soar and my soul feel at peace. Your company certainly stands for the highest quality of customer service that one can provide.

I cannot end this approbation without focusing on your expertise, Maurice. You are the heart and soul of every event you plan. Your attention to detail is impeccable. Your care for your guests not only as a group, but for each individual, is above and beyond the call of duty. You pay attention to each person's desires as well as knowing the personality of each of your guests. 

In short, your trip was transformatives for me. Individuals came together as a group, transformed into family friends and then as members of one big family that will always stay in touch. 

My deepest gratitude to you always.

Rabbi Adam MINTZ

Dear Maurice,
My family and I wanted to thank you once again for the most magnificent Pesach we have ever spent. The food was so amazing that we have told everyone in New York about the quality of the meats, wine and all the other delicious food and about the fabulous event on Saturday night at the Four Seasons. 
We are so glad that we were able to assist you in making Pesach memorable for the guests at the Regency. We know how difficult it is to coordinate a Pesach program in two five star hotels and we are so happy that we played a role in guaranteeing the success of the program. 
Thank you for inviting us to join you for one of the lunches and kiddush at the Four Seasons. It was a treat to meet your broad range of guests and to speak with them about so many topics. In addition, we are happy that we were able to help the guests find their way to the major sites in Florence and throughout the region. 
We hope to be able to work with you in the future and we would be very interested in serving as rabbi and guest speakers as part of your Portugal program this summer. 
We look forward to staying in touch. 

All the best

Emilio KRAUSZ - New York

I just wanted to say thank you again for putting together a wonderful program. Like everyone else I spoke to, I was so impressed by your generosity, your wanting to please everyone, your care and attention to detail, and the quality of the food. When you add to all this a chef like Vito and a staff like the Four Seasons’ , it made for an unforgettable experience. 
I look forward to future programs!

Thank you again

Jonathan and Philippa STRAIGHT

Dear Maurice
Philippa and I wanted to thank you for arranging the most amazing Pesach programme. It surpassed our expectation in every way. 
Thank you for taking so much care and attention in our specific dietary requests and for looking after the children so well. 
We had a wonderful time and met new friends who we hope to keep in touch with. 
Please let us know what you have planned for the summer. 

Best regards

Kislev of New York, The Magic Touch of French elegance