Glatt Kosher catering by Le Chandelier de Paris

Our stays are Glatt Kosher under the supervision of"Beth Din of Paris".

Half Board (Breakfast and Diner)
Lunch will be at extra cost with take away menus 

Full board on Shabat with complimentary drinks and wines

A Kosher kitchen reviewed and sought...

A refined and modern cuisine brilliantly suitable with the rules of Kashruth.
Prime choice of the ingredients , the variety in menu elaboration, constant research and development of novelties and personalized special attention to our clients' wishes.

For all your meals, of the menus « à la carte » will be served accompanied with fine wines « à la carte ».

The renewal of the menus and fine wines"à la carte" will take effect at every meal

This concept created and developed by KNY you will ensure, by its variety, by its quality and by its balance set menus for connoisseurs who will appreciate all the intricacies of high gastronomy.
One evening will be dedicated to" the tasting" and will be animated by our chefs.
You can also enjoy the"finest Koshers wines" selected by our sommelier.
The menus have been designed to amaze you and make your stay even more unforgettable.

Kislev of New York, The Magic Touch of French elegance